The Day has Finally Come

We have this door at the dojo, in the ladies room, that just refuses to work properly. It always causes us problems and complaining about it while changing into our uniforms has become an ongoing joke that’s been running for quite a while. “Someday someone will get stuck in here!” is stated at least by two different people every single day, and from time to time someone will find a way to control the door and get really excited about it, and then proceed to attempt to teach everybody else their newly found technique, usually without much success.

But today was a different day. Today was the day that the door had finally claimed its’ first victim. After class i was casually heading back to the changing rooms, but to my surprise a bunch of the guys were standing there, blocking the way. They all seemed to be curiously watching some occurrence that was happening at that very moment. It was clear that something was out of the ordinary, so I tried to see what was going on. One of the black belts, partially undressed, was taking the door knob apart with a screw driver. “Somebody got locked inside!” people were anxiously whispering, and I was just happy that that damn thing was finally being dismantled. Usually the door just wouldn’t close, but apparently this time it had become extra malicious and refused to open.

After a couple of minutes the black belt declared his victory, and knob-less, defeated and completely powerless, the door has finally opened and released the hostage.  The lady, who was clearly very embarrassed of falling prey to such a cowardly villain, carefully walked out of the changing room and thanked her heroic savior for setting her free.


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